What's Next for Bernie's Political Revolution?

The following is a message from CWA President Chris Shelton:

The past year has shown what the beginning of a political revolution can look like. Together, we phonebanked, knocked on doors, and organized for Bernie Sanders, spreading a message of hope that someday our political system might actually represent the American people instead of the top 1%.

I'm writing to you now because the need for a political revolution remains.

On Wednesday, August 24, we will kick off a new organization called Our Revolution with a major live stream address from Bernie Sanders where he will lay out what we can do going forward to continue the fight for the issues that drove his campaign and inspired so many.

Are you ready to hear about it? Sign up to watch the live stream on August 24 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

You can also host an Our Revolution launch party to bring together the coalitions we've built in our communities. Sign up here to host a launch event.

The billionaires and the pundits who counted us out from the beginning are hoping we'll go away. They're hoping our political revolution was just a phase, and that they can just go back to the status quo now.

We will show them they're wrong. It's time for the next phase of Our Revolution.

Join Bernie on August 24 to hear about what’s next. Click here to register.