What CWA members are fighting for at AT&T Mobility

  • A fair wage increase that is enough to cover increased healthcare costs. AT&T offered a 2% increase per year – not enough to pay for the healthcare increases coming.
  • For RSCs: a higher base and/or a commission plan that AT&T can’t change every month.  Commissions for Retail Sales Consultants have gone down steadily over the past 2 years.  Commissions are wages and a mandatory subject of bargaining.  Tell AT&T to stop playing games and propose a fair plan. So far, the say NO!
  • No increase to healthcare contributions in 2021.  Ending the 2-tier plan so new employees can afford healthcare.  AT&T wants you to pay even more!!
  • Job Security language: Company Owned Retail stores are being replaced with Authorized Dealers in record numbers.  Call Centers are shrinking here and AT&T is outsourcing more of our work.  Network contracting continues and we are being left out of the new technology.
  • We need AT&T to commit to keeping a ratio of COR stores to Authorized Retail.  So far, they say NO!
  • We need to get back the call center work that has been outsourced and off-shored.
  • Absence and attendance policy.  AT&T wants to add “wait days” before we can be paid when we call in sick. They also want to drastically reduce sick days for new employees.

What else do you deserve that AT&T won’t give you?

  • Truly flexible EWPs, a vacation scheduling process that is fair, language to protect you from discipline when you can’t get to work due to dangerous weather.
  • Monitoring language to protect call center workers from the added stress and harassment of excessive call monitoring and the “gotcha” attitude of management.  We need retail monitoring rules in the contract that requires the managers to coach and work with the RSCs live and in-person - NOT BY WATCHING THEM ON A CAMERA!
  • A job transfer process that is transparent and fair.
  • Increased severance payments in case of layoff and remove the cap.
  • We are fighting for increased differentials for those members who work weekends and on call and double shifts without sleep, and for a city allowance to help with the cost of working in the major cities.
  • In a Holiday week, most workers look forward to an extra day off.  Currently, if you choose not to volunteer to work, or the Company says they don’t need you to work, they steal back one of your normal two days off and you don’t get the Holiday we bargained.
  • There are many workers at AT&T Mobility with new and additional job duties and we are fighting for proper training and raises.