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Verizon Wireless Plans to Lay Off Thousands of U.S. Workers

CWA is drawing attention to Verizon Wireless's plans to close six call center locations across the country, eliminating about 3,000 customer service jobs.
Verizon is characterizing these closures as a necessary part of its transition to a home-based workforce at six of its 18 existing call centers. But this "transition" excuse is just an attempt to cover up the fact that these are layoffs.
"Workers deserve real job security," said Dennis Trainor, CWA District 1 Vice President and Chair of CWA's Wireless Workers United, a network of union and non-union workers organizing to protect good jobs and quality customer service. "If this is not a layoff, as Verizon Wireless claims, all workers at the six affected centers should get to keep their jobs."
Verizon Wireless has already closed 19 call centers since 2012, affecting 11,000 workers. And while House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump promised that passing the tax bill would help working families because companies would bring jobs back to the United States, Verizon continues to use third-party contractors around the world. These contractors often pay poverty wages, boosting profits for corporate executives and large shareholders.

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