U.S. Trade Policy Should Encourage "A Race to the Top" for Workers

Last Thursday, U.S. Trade Rep. Katherine Tai addressed the importance of worker-centered trade in a historic speech during a virtual town hall hosted by the AFL-CIO outlining the Biden Administration's "worker-centered trade policy."

For too long, America's trade policy has been driven by multinational corporations. Workers have been pitted against each other as companies boost profits by sending jobs to the lowest bidder.

Tai reiterated the Biden administration's position that passing the PRO Act is critical for rebuilding our economy. She promised that the administration would chart a new course on trade. "President Biden is leading us on a new path," Tai said. "He wants an economic policy, including a trade policy, that delivers shared prosperity for all Americans, not just profits for corporations. We want to make trade a force for good that encourages a race to the top."