We wanted to give you an update on what's happening.
We are still waiting for information from the Company, that is necessary and relevant to truly understanding the impact on the membership, of their last offer.
Absent accurate information we are forced to guess or make assumptions and that doesn't work for us. We cannot simply believe that you will be better off; we need to understand the impacts today as well as the impact in the future of the Bargaining Unit as a whole
While we are waiting for the Company to provide us with this information (and we expect it to take a few days still) we have sent the elected committee home for their first official break. Some of the committee hasn't been home since we met to prepare for negotiations at the end of February.  The committee has worked very hard under stressful conditions, preparing proposals, reviewing the Company proposals and preparing counter proposals.
Additionally this week we are processing the Federal Board charges that we have filed from the National Office. That involves giving testimony and affidavits to the National Labor Relations Board Agents.
Once we get the information requested from the Company and the administrative portion of the board charges completed, we will bring the elected committee back so we can resume bargaining.
We are committed to getting a fair and just contract, as well as protecting our bargaining unit in the future.
We appreciate all of the support, as well as all mobilization that has been taking place around the country.  Keep it up!
In Unity,

Your Bargaining Committee

Ken Saether
Mary Ellen Mazzeo
Roy Hegenbart
LaNell Piercy
Mike Lewis
Cindy Neumeyer

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