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United Campus Workers in Georgia and Mississippi Win Pay Increases

In a win for members of United Campus Workers at the University of Georgia (UCW-GA, CWA Local 3265), after over thirty years without a cost of living adjustment, full-time workers at all of Georgia’s 26 public universities will receive $5,000 salary raises. The pay increases are part of the FY 2022 amended budget recently approved by Georgia’s legislators, in part due to the mobilization and lobbying efforts of UCW-GA members. The members will continue to fight with renewed energy to secure fair pay for all workers, including part-time and student workers at the University of Georgia.

Similarly, workers at the University of Southern Mississippi, members of United Campus Workers of Mississippi (UCW-MS, CWA Local 3565) won pay raises two weeks after they held a rally to demand a $15 an hour minimum wage. Most salaried faculty and staff will receive a three percent pay increase this year. Stipends for graduate assistants will increase by $1,500 each fall semester for the next three years. Starting in July, benefit-eligible, hourly workers will see the minimum wage increase to $11.25 an hour, up from $10.10 an hour. The members are encouraged by this victory and will continue to organize for a $15 an hour minimum wage.