Trump NLRB Comes After Workers Rights

Trump's NLRB is at it again – taking advantage of a pandemic to take away workers' rights. The agency has issued a new terrible decision this week redefining "solicitation" to include conversations among co-workers encouraging support for union representation. This decision opens the door for employers to enact policies that prohibit these conversations.

This joins other recent Trump NLRB decisions like ruling that employers can restrict the use of work email outside of work time to discuss workplace issues, can prevent workers from discussing ongoing workplace investigations into illegal and unethical behavior, such as sexual harassment, and more.

"Corporations have far too much power over working people's lives," said Communications Workers of America President Chris Shelton. "The National Labor Relations Board is supposed to safeguard workers' freedom to join together and fight back against injustice at their workplaces and protect workers when their employers abuse their power. President Trump's NLRB has done just the opposite. With every decision, they make it harder for workers to speak out and easier for employers to silence them."