Tell Congress NO! To Tax Cuts for the Super Rich

The Republican House leadership released their corporate tax cut plan yesterday.

Our legislative team has been reviewing the plan, and there are four things they wanted to be sure I let you know about.

  1. Many CWA members and retirees will see their tax bills go up.

  2. The bill limits deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest and eliminates deductions for state and local taxes. It also gets rid of tax deductions for education expenses and student loan interest.

  3. There are new taxes on your benefits.

  4. Education, child care, dependent care and adoption benefits provided by your employer will now be treated as taxable income.

  5. The plan helps corporations move jobs overseas.

  6. The new way that corporate taxes are calculated makes it easier for multinational corporations to game the system and avoid taxes by relocating their operations to other countries.

  7. Passing this plan means cutting Medicare and Medicaid

  8. These cuts blast a big hole in the federal budget. Because there will be less tax revenue from corporations, the Republican budget plan cuts funding for Medicare and Medicaid.

Members of Congress have said that they don't believe opinion polls that show that most Americans don't want to foot the bill for massive tax cuts for corporations and CEOs.

Maybe that's because the only people they are listening to are corporate lobbyists and CEOs.

Let's get their attention by flooding their inboxes. Click here to tell your member of Congress that we won't pay for this giveaway to the 1%.