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Tell Congress: It's Time for a Fair and Functioning Democracy

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Today is a National Day of Action to push for the passage of the For the People Act to remake our democracy!

Corporate CEOs and the wealthiest 1% have spent decades rigging the system to reduce our power. The same corporate interests that fight us at the bargaining table are stacking the rules against us when it comes to political participation. They have put restrictions in place that make it harder for people to vote, flooded elections with money, and weakened the rules that prevent elected officials from profiting from their public service.

To address this crisis, Congressional Democrats have introduced the For the People Act (H.R.1), a comprehensive bill sponsored by Representative John Sarbanes (D-Md.) to restore our democracy and end corruption. The bill contains reforms essential to fixing our political system including voting rights, money-in-politics, redistricting, and government ethics reforms.

The bill has gotten support from many Democrats in the House of Representatives, but corporate lobbyists are working hard to water it down, so we need to make our voices heard loud and clear in every district! Click here to ask your member of Congress to support the For the People Act to ensure a fair and functioning democracy for us all: