Taking Action this Weekend | Orange Bargaining

My name is Nate Evanetz and I'm a proud member of CWA Local 13000 in Pennsylvania. I'm an RSC and have worked at the company for almost 14 years.

AT&T's "final offer" was insulting and just an attempt to divide us, but we won't be fooled or bullied into accepting a bad contract. Now more than ever we have to show the company that we are united.

This iPhone launch weekend, I urge you to join me in taking action. Wear your stickers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to keep the pressure on, make sure the company knows we are willing to do what it takes for a fair contract, and educate the public on our fight!

If you need stickers, get in touch with your Local ASAP and they can get you some.

You have a legal right to take part in this action. If any manager asks you to remove the stickers, show them this letter from CWA's attorneys. Click here to download the letter. If they insist, ask them to put their illegal request in writing.

Wearing stickers may seem like a small action, but it shows that 21,000 of us are united or organized. That is what will make the company move at the bargaining table and help us avoid a strike.

Reply to this email with your photos wearing the stickers and you will be featured on social media! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In unity,