T-Mobile Can’t Force Workers to Be Happy at Work

Another big win at T-Mobile US! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ruled that two more rules in T-Mobile's employee handbook are illegal: a prohibition on recordings in the workplace and forcing employees to maintain a "positive work environment."

The decision builds on the NLRB's landmark, consolidated ruling that T-Mobile maintained unlawful policies that blocked workers from organizing or even talking to each other about problems on the job. In March of 2015, Judge Christine Dibble found 11 of the 13 handbook rules challenged by CWA to be unfair labor practices. The union appealed the decision on the remaining two items.

This month, the NLRB affirmed Dibble’s findings and ruled in the union’s favor, noting that every issue CWA disputed in the company handbook was a violation of the National Labor Relations Act.

The victory against requiring workers to maintain a "positive" attitude has generated some funny headlines:

Hell Yeah, You Can Bitch on the Job!

Hate Your Job? It's Illegal For Your Boss To Force You To Act Happy

Go Ahead and Scowl — Your Boss Can’t Fire You

And the issue even made it into Stephen Colbert's monologue! Watch it here.