State Legislation to Protect Call Center Jobs Gains Support

CWAers across the country are making progress on passing legislation to protect call center jobs from offshoring! Here are the new updates on CWA members' hard work to pass state legislation:

Nevada CWAers made a strong push last week for a committee vote on the call center bill and succeeded! They will now focus on amending the bill to strengthen it before a floor vote.

Colorado passed its call center bill, H.B. 19-1306, through the State House on Friday with a 41-23 vote. CWA members including call center workers and other activists lobbied committee members and testified at the hearing. CWAers secured Senate sponsorship of the bill with CWA labor champion, Senator Robert Rodriguez. 

Texas call center bill H.B. 701 was voted out of the House Business & Industry Committee last week. The bill will now head to the House Calendars Committee, which will determine whether to advance the bill to the full House Chamber for a vote. Texas CWAers held a big lobby day in support of the bill.

The Alabama call center bill, S.B. 110, passed the State Senate this week 32-0! The House will vote on the bill next Wednesday with a floor vote expected by next Thursday. CWAers have been making calls and getting postcards signed to push for the vote.