Your CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company May 13 and May 14 in Murray Hill, New Jersey to bargain a new successor Collective Bargain Agreement. The Company’s Bargaining Team included Howard Pripas (Director, Labor Relations and Chairperson), Susan Dubberly (Vice President of Operations), Ed Goldston (District Manager/Eastern Region) and Scott Sachs (Director of Facility Operations).

Over two intense days of bargaining, both parties discussed pending data requests. The Company provided much of the data requested and committed to provide the remaining data before our next meeting. After this first round of bargaining, both parties were able to reach a tentative agreement on twenty six articles/appendices of the Contract. We reached an agreement on the following:

  • Article 2:  Respect and Dignity
  • Article 3:  Non-Discrimination
  • Article 5:  Union Membership
  • Article 6:  Deduction of Union Dues
  • Article 7:  Bargaining Unit Work
  • Article 8:  Labor-Management Committee
  • Article 9:  Safety
  • Article 10: Visitation
  • Article 11: Union Representatives
  • Article 12: Seniority
  • Article 13: Probation
  • Article 17: Discipline and Discharge
  • Article 19: Hours of Work and Overtime
  • Article 21: Reporting Pay
  • Article 22: Call-In Emergency
  • Article 26: 401K
  • Article 28: Travel Allowance
  • Article 31: Bulletin Board
  • Article 32: Uniforms
  • Article 33: No Strike/No Lockout
  • Article 34: Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Article 35: Temporary Transitional Duty Program
  • Article 36: Successors
  • Article 37: Federal and State Laws
  • Appendix B:  Drug/Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Appendix C:  Union Dues Authorization

The Company passed a proposal on Article 18 (Grievance Procedure) and the Union passed proposals on Article 16 (Leave of Absence), Article 23 (Holidays) Article 24 (Vacations), Article 25 (Sick Leave), Aricle 29 (Bereavement Leave) and Article 30 (Jury Duty).

The Company is not available to meet again until June 11 and 12. We will resume bargaining at that time at the CWA HQ building in Washington, D.C.  Even when the contract is set to expire on May 24, 2019, Article 38 provides for an automatic sixty (60) day extension of all terms and conditions of employment. Therefore, our contract will continue in full force until the sixty (60) days expire. After that, both parties may extend the contract or work without a contract.

We are hopeful that we can come to a fair and just agreement that will provide for fair wages, good benefits and, above all, job security.

One day longer, one day stronger! United we stand!


Your Bargaining Team,

Luis M. Benitez-Burgos, CWA Representative

Brian Reilly, President, Local 1060