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Skip No Steps FAQ

August 15, 2017

Note: You cannot be disciplined for following management's rules. In fact, you can be disciplined for NOT following management's rules. So, if any manager complains that your work-output is too slow as a result of following their rules, ask them to put in writing which step you should skip. Unless you get something in writing from your boss, be sure to follow all their rules, even if your manager complains that things are taking too long.

What is “Skip No Steps”?

Skip No Steps is a reminder that all members should follow all work rules from management.

Why should we do “Skip No Steps” now?

While we are working without a contract, members do not have arbitration rights. Even though we still have the right to the grievance process, this lack of arbitration rights can potentially put members in increased jeopardy, especially while we are coming up on a busy sales season. One way to mitigate this risk it to make sure we are all following the rules the company has laid out for us.

Is this designed to slow down our work?

No. Skip No Steps  is designed to protect our members during this stressful period when we don’t have arbitration rights.

I am a technician. Is there a specific example of a rule I should be following.

Technicians should follow all rules imposed by management.   Follow the MOP (Method of Procedure).  One important example is the Vehicle Safety Check and Safety Exercises.  AT&T mandates that all members do an exhaustive safety check of our vehicles before each tour, and do stretches and exercise to lower the risk of injury (Pre-Driving Vehicle Inspection). Be sure to do this comprehensive safety check and exercise/stretching as per the guidelines.

I work as a Retail worker. Is there a specific example of a rule I should be following?

Retail workers should follow all rules imposed by management. Make certain you follow the “5 Key Behaviors,” and give the entire “Customer Experience” to all customers. This means making sure to check over customers’ bills for overages, data, and be sure to follow the CPNI Rule for all customers, etc.

I work at a Call Center. Is there a specific example of a rule I should be following?

Call center workers should follow all rules imposed by management.  Be sure to follow My CSP procedures for all calls; be sure to follow “5 key behaviors,” including greetings, planting of the seeds, etc.  Be sure to have all your tools at the ready, including MyCSP, OPUS, Clarify, Zone, and Snapshot.

 Following management’s rules sometimes slows us down. Is management allowed to discipline me for following all these rules?

No. Members can be disciplined for NOT following the rules imposed by management. Remember, during this stressful time, we want to make sure our members are protected. Therefore, be sure to follow all rules from management.