At the Six Month Mark, the GOP Corporate Tax Cut Bill is Failing Working Families

CWA President Chris Shelton appeared on Washington Post Live to discuss how the Republican corporate tax cut bill has failed working families in its first six months.

Shelton pointed out that workers have not seen their wages go up, and that the massive corporate tax cut profits have mostly gone into stock buybacks that benefit wealthy executives.

"Employers were coming out saying they were going to give everyone a $4,000 wage increase," said Shelton. "That just hasn't happened and isn't on the horizon to happen. They said they were going to increase jobs. One of our employers, AT&T, where we have about 110,000 people, said they were going to create 7,000 jobs for every billion dollars in the tax cut. Well, AT&T got a three billion dollar tax cut, and we've seen 6,000 layoffs since the tax cut happened."

Shelton talked about how employers promised that they would use tax bill profits to bring back jobs from overseas, but instead, the tax bill actually contained provisions that created incentives for companies to offshore jobs.

"Workers are feeling quite left out because they were promised certain things with the tax cut by not only the president but Ryan, McConnell, and employers. It's just not happening," Shelton said.

Watch the video here.