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Senator Sanders Wins Wisconsin by Focusing on Working Family Issues

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Senator Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, notching his sixth straight victory in the race to become Democrats' presidential nominee.

"Senator Bernie Sanders's core message that we can have an America that works for all of us has caught fire and continues to energize working families, first time voters, young people, independents, even conservatives," said CWA President Chris Shelton. "Across the country, Sanders' message is resonating. Working people get his call for fair trade, not corporate giveaways. We agree with the goals of getting big money out of politics, ending 'too big to fail,' requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share and restoring income equality and fairness. That's why he's won in Wisconsin and why he will win going forward."

CWA activists were "boots on the ground," making phone calls, walking neighborhoods and working to get out the vote. In Milwaukee, CWA Staff Rep Clinton Rodgers joined Sanders on stage at a town hall. Watch it here.

Now, as the campaign moves to New York, where voters go to the polls on April 19, CWAers continue to mobilize. Our members are on track to make more than 60,000 phone calls and have been regularly canvassing neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Staten Island to Buffalo and everywhere in between. A telephone town hall set for April 11 will highlight even more CWA member actions and get-out-the-vote plans.

CWAers also are gearing up in California, where voters will cast ballots on June 7. Recently in Fresno and Bakersfield, CWA activists led hundreds of people in marches for Sanders.

CWAers are feeling the Bern. Clockwise, from left:

Jane Phillips, CWA District 4 staff representative, and Sharon Smith Vaughn, CWA Local 4998 executive vice president and co-chair state coordinator, mobilize in Indiana.

At the Wisconsin town hall with Senator Sanders, CWA Staff Representative Clinton Rodgers talks about growing up in Milwaukee.

At the Sanders rally in Indiana: Sharon Smith Vaughn, CWA Local 4998 executive vice president; Eric Ogle, CWA Local 4998 activist; Matt Lymberopoulos, CWA Local 4998 activist; and Jane Phillips, CWA District 4 staff rep.    

CWA Local 4603 Executive Vice President Greg Tennyson and Chief Steward Kwami Barnes canvass door-to-door for Sanders in Milwaukee.

In Bakersfield, Calif., more than 200 CWAers and Sanders supporters march
through the city.

CWA Political Director Rafael Navar joins a panel discussion on Canadian TV on Sanders and the presidential campaign.