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Secretary-Treasurer Steffens: CWA Needs to Go Big and Bold

August 1, 2019

In her speech to the 2019 CWA Convention on Monday, CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens told delegates how the union has withstood anti-labor attacks including the Janus case, and emphasized that CWA must not only defend, but also must take advantage of the current opportunities to grow and flourish.

"We are in an unprecedented moment of opportunity," Steffens said. "Workers haven't been this mobilized in decades. Young people's support for unions has reached an all-time high – in fact, the fastest growing segment of our labor movement is workers younger than 35. More than two thirds of those ages 18-29 support unions. Let's not miss the moment. We need to go big and bold while we can. The future is ours to build. Let's leave this convention ready to tackle the hard work of making real change."

Read her full remarks here.

Left: CWA Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens emphasized in her speech to delegates that CWA must take advantage of current opportunities to grow and flourish.

Right: Delegates heard from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, who has been a champion for working people and for CWA members since being elected in 2018. Last month, when AT&T's lobbyists fought hard against the CWA-supported Nevada bill to protect call call center jobs and applied pressure on state legislators to try to weaken it, Sisolak helped keep the bill from being watered down and signed it into law.