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For media inquiries, call CWA Communications at 202-434-1168 or email To read about CWA Members, Leadership or Industries, visit our About page.

S-T Talk February 2024

S-T Talk


All CWA Local Secretary-Treasurer’s identified in Aptify should have received an invitation to the February 27, 2024, zoom meeting and an opportunity to submit questions and topics in advance. On our first S-T Townhall Zoom, we will cover the conversion from social security numbers to clock IDs as several employers will be transitioning this year. We want to be able to prepare you in advance for these changes and common pitfalls.

Mark your calendars for May 28th, August 27th, and November 26th from 3 pm - 4 pm ET.   If you have not received your invitation, check your spam filter, and if it is not there please email  



Looking for someone you know is working at a particular employer in your Local?  

While there are many ways to find people in Aptify, sometimes the reason you aren’t seeing them on your reports is because the employer hasn’t given us a valid Local number. When the files come in with an invalid Local number, the system puts them in the dummy local, Local 99999.  

They will stay in that Local unless/until:

  1. The employer corrects the Local number in a future file

  2. A Local or dues specialist emails with a transfer request (any manual transfers done will also include and adjustment for the person’s dues, if any)

How do you find these folks, you ask? Go to the Reports menu on the portal and look at the Invalid Members Report by PU and Dues Period report. You can bring it up for one PU and dues period, or just choose a dues period and see all the PU’s. You can then narrow down the results by filtering on PU, Building Code, Building Address, Job Title, etc. If you find a match, please email the Name and CWA ID to your dues specialist. They will reach out to the S-T Office, and the employer, to get the Local number corrected. Click here for the list of dues specialists.

Looking for people at a specific Work Location, Building address, or Department?

In Aptify, the best tool for this type of search is the Work Location report under the Reports menu. This report gives many many ways to filter the results and make it easier to find what/who you are looking for. Below are just a few of the options:

   Person Address
   Building Code & Address
   Job Title Code & Description
   Custom (local entered) Building Fields

If you find errors in this information, then you need to reach out to your dues specialist with the specifics (Name, CWA ID, and description of the situation). What you see on this report is what we are getting in the dues file from the employer, so it won’t get corrected until the employer updates their system.



*COMING SOON* CWA Materials ordering in Aptify!

We are taking it up a notch! Get ready to experience a whole new level of convenience when you order CWA materials for your Local, District, or Sector.

Order Anytime, Anywhere: Introducing a user-friendly interface accessible from any device.

Seamless Integration with Aptify: Access the new CWA Materials website conveniently by logging into your Aptify user account via the Applications navigation bar.

Enhanced Address Selection: Enjoy the benefits of an improved address selection that seamlessly integrates with your information in Aptify to save you some time.

Invoicing Made Easy: Invoices for your orders will continue to show up in the Open Invoices report in Aptify.

Stay tuned for the official launch date and start streamlining your CWA material procurement process like never before!


Grievance Management Module “Live”

The new Aptify Grievance Management Module was designed to streamline the process of filing and managing grievances within CWA. Local, District, and Sector users can effortlessly configure their collective bargaining agreement grievance procedure, manage employer and member data, create and manage grievances, upload supporting documentation, and stay on top of crucial deadlines—all aimed at efficiently resolving member grievances and tracking progress towards resolution.

Ensuring the utmost security of sensitive membership data, the Grievance Management module implements various levels of user access, in strict accordance with CWA's policies and guidelines. This ensures that users can only interact with grievances within their authorized scope, promoting a secure and efficient grievance management process.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we linked the module to Microsoft SharePoint, which serves as a centralized document library for collective bargaining agreements, letter templates, and relevant supporting documents related to past and ongoing grievances, ensuring easy access and organization.

Following a series of comprehensive trainings with Locals, Districts, and Sectors, we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback, indicating its effectiveness and user-friendliness.

We listened to your suggestions, and we are already planning our next set of enhancements, which include:

  • Ability to effortlessly generate PDFs

  • Develop comprehensive reports

  • Track arbitration decisions

Our 2024 Aptify Grievance Management module training schedule is now available, and you can sign up by simply clicking HERE.



PAF/COPE Accountability

Following the recent launch of COPE Accountability in Aptify, we’d like to inform Locals that all PAF/COPE cards should be entered into Aptify. Timely entry of these cards is essential to guarantee a precise representation of those that have been fulfilled in accordance with monthly COPE contributions processing.

For those who have yet to engage in Aptify Accountability training, we strongly urge you to enroll in the next available session(s) by following this link.

Below are the upcoming training dates:

1. February 22, 2024 from 11:30 am -1:00 pm EST

2. February 29, 2024 from 11:30 am -1:00 pm EST

Should you have any inquiries regarding the entry of PAF/COPE cards or general Accountability matters, please feel free to reach out to us via email at


Department of Labor Training

The Department of Labor is offering a FREE seminar in Ohio to go over Preparing Annual Financial Reports and Union Officer Election Requirements.

Details:  Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 8:30-1:00
               Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 & JATC
               12525 Corporate Drive
               Parma, OH 44130

If you are interested in attending, please note that attendance is limited to the first one hundred registrants.

Registration will be accepted ONLY by clicking on this link and completing the online form:

You may call the Cleveland Department of Labor Office with any questions at (216) 357-5455.



New Officers Resources and Information: This is our national website with information about our union. It includes information on how to stay up to date by signing up for email updates and text alerts. It includes webpages for workers’ rights, legislative, politics, jobs, health care, retirement security, human rights and international solidarity. There are sections on news, upcoming events and dedicated information for members, locals and to join CWA. Click here to visit our national website.

CWA Union Operating Procedures Manual (UOPM)- This comprehensive manual is a great guide to help Local officers in navigating our Union’s policies and procedures. It includes topics like the organizational structure, Constitution, Local Officer duties and responsibilities, organizing, Local Finances, Federal reporting, Local meetings, membership database, dues processing, Local bylaws, records retention, strike manual and so much more. Click here to view the UOPM.

For Locals- Another great online resource with reference materials, contract database, convention proceedings and biennial reports, online communications tools for Locals, forms, materials, databases, stewards training portal and Local directory. Click here to access information for CWA Locals.


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It):

2024 Annual Aptify Training Schedule

Our Aptify training schedule for 2024 is listed below. All trainings will be at 12 pm ET over Zoom.

Please click here to register for an Aptify training session

  • Aptify/Dues Process Training
    March 8      May 17      July 19      September 27      November 8

  • Bottom-Up Dues Process “Refresher” Training
    February 23      April 19       July 26      October 18

  • Microsoft Excel Training for Aptify
    May 10      August 9     November 15

  • *New* Aptify Grievance Management Module
     For Locals:    
       March 1      May 3     July 12     October 11
     For District/Sector Staff:
       March 15       May 20       October 25

    In Unity,

    Ameenah Salaam