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Statement from CWA Following Layoffs in Microsoft Gaming

Microsoft’s announcement that it will be laying off 1,900 video game workers makes clear that, even when you work at a successful company in an extremely profitable industry, your livelihood is not protected without a voice on the job. While CWA-represented members at Zenimax, Raven, and Blizzard Albany will not be impacted by these cuts, we are heartbroken that the lives of so many dedicated and talented video game workers will be disrupted. Every video game worker deserves not only their fair share, but also the peace of mind that comes from having a say over the impact of job cuts.

Through organizing, workers have established basic workplace practices that are now common —from the eight hour work day, to the five day workweek. By coming together and exercising their right to organize, workers in the video game industry can make layoff protections standard practice for all workers. This is the power of organizing.

We will continue to support workers at Microsoft and across the video game industry who want to have a union voice on the job.

“Layoffs in the video game industry are becoming the norm, even at companies that continue to deliver huge profits. It hurts to see our coworkers, who are so passionate about this work, who actually make these video game companies so successful, be the first impacted by any cuts or layoffs at work. Companies will claim that we’re all a family, but a family doesn’t layoff or outsource people. It’s clear that one way or the other, the only way forward is for all of us to come together as workers to protect each other. Union representation can't always protect against layoffs, but through union representation and the bargaining process, video game workers can establish greater transparency and policies that put our needs first, including layoff protections. That’s why we want every video game worker to join our union. Together, we have the power to set new standards for our industry so that we can do the work we are passionate about safe from exploitation,” said Wayne Dayberry, Senior Quality Assurance Tester and member of ZeniMax Workers United-CWA.


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