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At NYC Pride, The Trevor Project Workers March for a Union Contract

New York – On Sunday, workers at The Trevor Project will march with their union, Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 1180, in the NYC Pride March to demand that their employer negotiate in good faith for a union contract that protects the quality of care that LGBTQ+ youth in crisis rely upon.


Union workers with CWA Local 1180 provide life-sustaining care to members of the LGBTQ+ community in crisis. The workers organized their union in 2023 in an effort to advance the Trevor Project mission of protecting LGBTQ+ youth and build a stronger, more equitable workplace. 


Since joining CWA, the workers have faced anti-union tactics from management. Last summer, The Trevor Project leadership suddenly announced layoffs of nearly 12% of bargaining unit employees, many of whom were prominent union organizers and supporters. After nearly a year of bargaining over their first union contract, on top of the crisis care work that makes up their regular jobs, workers report experiencing increasing burnout and fatigue resulting from current working conditions at The Trevor Project. 


“I am burnt out and I am operating largely as a shell of the person I once was. The understaffing and high shift demands of the position have taken a severe toll on my physical and mental health,” said Hel Klavin, a Crisis Services Digital Supervisor. “What we are fighting for in this contract is for respect, care, and accountability from management. We deserve the support to be able to continue to show up for everyone reaching out in crisis.”


On the heels of last year’s layoffs and in the midst of increased reports of staff burnout, The Trevor Project leadership has reportedly stalled on union negotiations and rejected proposals by the workers that the union says would help alleviate these issues, all while worsening the staffing crisis - in fact, one proposal submitted by The Trevor Project included provisions that would allow them to lay off paid staff members and replace them with unpaid volunteers.


The workers seek a commitment from management to end the retaliation, and bargain in good faith for a contract that improves accessibility and wellness for crisis services staff, enabling workers to fulfill their mission of creating a world where all LGBTQ+ young people see a bright future for themselves.


“Union-busting burns out the workers who save LGBTQ+ lives,” said Gloria Middleton, President of CWA Local 1180. “This anti-worker behavior stands in direct opposition to what The Trevor Project stands for, and it needs to stop now. That’s why we’re working to secure a fair contract that all workers deserve, and which, in turn, will improve the quality of care that our members provide to the LGBTQ+ community.”


“I'm sick of their stalling contract negotiations - I want to get back to our mission work, ending suicide amongst LGBTQ+ youth,” said d salsberry, a Shift Supervisor, Southeast Region.



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