Nationwide Rally Against GE Changes to Retiree Healthcare

Nationwide Rally Against GE Changes to Retiree Healthcare
Friday, April 15, 2016

We will be having a NATIONWIDE RALLY(s) on Weds, April 27...the Day of GE's Annual Shareowners Meeting.  Kevin Mahar, from IUE-CWA Local 201, in Lynn, MA,  will have a Group of Retirees in Jacksonville, FL for the GE Annual Shareowners Meeting.  Anyone that is from that area, should join Kevin for that Rally.

AT THE SAME TIME, EVERY GE LOCATION will have a Rally that Day--Wednesday, April 27 to show our Solidarity with the GE Retirees Rallying in Jacksonville, FL.

Most of us gave 25 – 40, or more years, to helping make GE a profitable Company. They have deserted us, betrayed us and have forced us to make "UNHEALTHY" decisions (skipped Doctor Appointments; skipped Medications); Our Medical Costs, and Our Out-of-Pocket Costs have skyrocketed. They have cut into our Retirement Income, and have hurt our Retiree lifestyle; the years when we should be relaxing and enjoying our lives!  GE has broken its promise to us to continue Retiree Healthcare for the rest of out lives!

Our Message should be Clear & Strong... the Greedy Elite (GE) need to reinstate our Retiree Healthcare, or lose their Healthcare too. They name streets after people like GE's-Greedy Elite--ONE WAY!  They cut our Retiree Healthcare so they can continue to INCREASE their Salaries, their Bonuses, their Retirement Incomes, and their Retiree Healthcare.

GE’s decision to cut our Retiree Healthcare is IMMORAL and Reeks of Injustice & InequalityWe EARNED those Benefits!  Our 2 Lawsuits Against GE say it, and We will say it to GE Nationwide--Enough is Enough!  We will speak in ONE VOICE, LOUDLY… so everyone knows that GE does NOT treat it's Retirees Fairly!

CONTACT INFO:  Anyone in the Jacksonville, FL area, Contact Kevin Mahar at 781-584-7634;  for All Other GE Locations, Contact John Phelps at 518-235-5068, or at

Our Facebook Group Info—For ALL GE Retirees—Hourly-Union & Salaried is--

Let's make this is a critical year...with the 2 Lawsuits continuing.  UNITED--Salaried & Hourly...We Can & WILL Make Our Collective Voice Heard!  

GE health care changes

PLEASE Support Us, and Communicate this to Your Local’s & Retiree Groups…thank you.