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It’s Time to Pass Build Back Better and Help Working People

The Build Back Better framework announced by President Biden will fund transformational programs that solve real problems that working people face. It will also rein in corporations by increasing penalties for violating labor laws, implementing a corporate minimum tax, imposing a surcharge on stock buybacks and ending tax advantages for corporations that ship jobs overseas. These have long been priorities for our union.

We can’t afford to wait any longer for the relief these programs will bring. Our families need help making sure our children are well cared for - universal preschool, affordable child care and the child tax credit will do that. Our families need access to health care - Affordable Care Act tax credits and the Medicare hearing benefit will do that.

We also need the jobs that the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will create. We need the high-speed internet networks that the infrastructure bill will fund, networks that will be built by companies who adhere to high labor standards, thanks to historic provisions in the bill that prioritize broadband projects from entities that have a demonstrated record of and plans to be in compliance with Federal labor and employment laws.

The current Build Back Better framework represents real progress. Congress must help working people now and pass Build Back Better and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.


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