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Historic union election win for workers at GE Appliances, a Haier Company, in Orlando

Victory for Florida workers comes amid national surge in worker activism and strong public support for unions ahead of Labor Day

ORLANDO, FL – Today, in a groundbreaking development, workers at GE Appliances, a Haier Company, located in Orlando, Florida announced that they voted overwhelmingly in favor of forming a union. GE Appliances/Haier workers are joining IUE-CWA, the nation’s largest union for General Electric manufacturing, representing thousands of workers at plants across the country. The victory for Orlando GE Appliances/Haier workers comes on the eve of Labor Day as we witness a national surge in worker activism and a new Gallup poll shows public support for unions at historic highs.

Key concerns for GE Appliances/Haier workers in Orlando, which drove them to form their first-ever union, were securing fair treatment, representation, and job security in their workplace. A resounding majority of workers cast their votes in favor of union representation, marking a major step towards fostering a more equitable and empowered work environment.

The GE Appliances/Haier workers' overwhelming vote to form a union in Orlando reflects their long-standing frustration with management over the company’s mistreatment and inequities. Dedicated to their roles at GE Appliances/Haier, the workers have confronted a series of challenges, including bullying and an unfair working environment. Despite speaking up, their concerns fell on deaf ears, leading to a growing sense of disillusionment as the desired changes went unresolved.

The urgent need to address worker mistreatment is what compelled the Orlando workforce to unite to form a union. By coming together, they seek a collective voice to hold management accountable for advancing workplace protections and ensuring fairness for all employees. This marks the first-ever union for the Orlando GE Appliances/Haier workers, signaling their stance against historical grievances and their commitment to paving the way for a more just and secure work environment.

"Even in the face of personal challenges, such as the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Idalia impacting my neighborhood, I was resolute in casting my vote. This opportunity for a union means everything to me and my fellow coworkers,” said Marvin Vacciana, a service technician who lives near Crystal River and has an impressive 17 years of experience at GE Appliances/Haier in Orlando.

"I stand in solidarity with my fellow co-workers. Having a voice on the job and a platform to address our working conditions is paramount. Representation ensures that our opinions are valued and that we won't face repercussions for speaking up,” said Carlos Gutierrez, a dedicated service technician with two years of service, emphasizing the significance of unity among the workers at the Orlando facility.

“Despite consistently delivering exceptional performance and revenue for years and excelling in all our metrics, we've lacked the respect and dignity we deserve. With our union, I anticipate improved working conditions, transparency, and a boost in morale. The unity forged through this process has us energized and determined. We're ready to stand up for one another and continue to contribute to the company's success,” said John Ramos, a GE Appliances lead service technician with nearly 18 years’ experience at the company.


Orlando GE Appliances/Haier workers faced many challenges in their push to form a union, including reported instances of bullying and anti-union tactics by the company. Despite these adversities, the workers' determination and unwavering spirit propelled them towards this transformative union victory.

The newly-formed union at GE Appliances/Haier in Orlando will join forces with over 100 workers represented by IUE-CWA Local 83712, who undertake similar work at other companies in the Miami, Daytona, and Palm Beach areas.

"We extend a warm welcome to each and every worker joining our union. Their resilience and perseverance have led them to this achievement. By standing united, we are poised to tackle the challenges that lie ahead at GE Appliances/Haier,” said IUE-CWA Local 83712 President Guy Leone in hailing this victory as a momentous occasion.

The resounding "yes" vote in the union election heralds a new era of collaboration and empowerment for workers at GE Appliances/Haier, fostering an environment of transparency, fairness, and worker-centric policies.



IUE-CWA Local 83712 is part of IUE-CWA, one of America’s largest manufacturing labor unions, which represents a force of 150,000 active and retired men and women. IUE-CWA members are united collectively to seek dignity on the job and a secure future for ourselves, our children and all future generations. IUE-CWA is the Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), which has 700,000 members in every part of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. To learn more, visit

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