Employees at Creative Agency Blue State Win Union Recognition With CODE-CWA

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New York, N.Y. -- Seventy-five employees at creative agency Blue State won voluntary union recognition yesterday after a neutral third party verified that a majority of the workers had signed union authorization cards. The group, including campaign strategists, analysts, designers, account managers, finance specialists, office managers, and developers, are part of the Communications Workers of America’s CODE-CWA initiative and will be represented by CWA Local 1101.

The workers announced their campaign and requested recognition on September 16, citing a desire to advocate for changes that will make Blue State “a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive agency.”

"We believe that in any workplace, people come first,” said Kendra Ijeoma, a member of the union organizing committee. “That’s why we’re so excited to form our Blue State Union and join CODE-CWA. This isn’t just about us — we stand in solidarity with workers around the world who deserve a seat at the table!"

"I welcome our newest tech workers into our CWA family,” said CWA Local 1101 President Keith Purce. “We look forward to working with Blue State to negotiate a first of its kind union agreement. It is wonderful to see more and more tech workers gaining power by joining CWA-CODE."


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