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CWA’s Commitment to Exposing Corporate Harm

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At CWA, we have made our commitment toward exposing the harm of unchecked corporate power on working people across the globe clear through our words and actions. Last year, CWA adopted a resolution affirming our values and our intention to reign in big tech by empowering workers and the public.

We are specifically committed to supporting tech workers who are organizing to highlight the uses and societal impacts of the technology they create, and to blow the whistle when technology threatens our shared core values of democracy and respect for human rights. We make no exceptions and we play no favorites.

The resolution also calls for us to fight for greater regulation of tech platforms and stronger antitrust enforcement. We have been pushing aggressively for the passage of the Prohibiting Anticompetitive Mergers Act as part of a larger effort to strengthen oversight of all technology companies and supporting tech workers as they testify before Congress on working conditions and anti-competitive labor practices.

The convergence of growing awareness of the impact of tech on our daily lives and newly empowered workers taking collective action provides an unprecedented opportunity to change the course of history. We continue to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with growing numbers of tech workers as they organize for accountability from their employers through our Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA), helping them strengthen their collective voice to call out questionable activities and business practices that are inconsistent with their values.

Last night, the Intercept published a story containing comments from a representative of the UNI Global Union that completely misrepresent CWA’s position and are fundamentally in opposition to our values. We are appalled by this profound misunderstanding and mischaracterization by an employee of an organization that works to be a global voice for workers. Neither this employee nor anyone else at UNI consulted with CWA about our views, and the Intercept did not provide adequate time for response prior to publication.

CWA actively stands with tech workers and advocates for democracy and human rights to hold big tech and other companies accountable. We steadfastly support the release of any information that exposes corporate harm to working people and supports collective action toward a more just society.


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