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CWA Women's Committee: Working Class Women Will Suffer the Most From the Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

The following statement is from the CWA Women’s Committee

The Supreme Court is dangerously out of step with the American people. From recent decisions eliminating public sector fair share fees, to allowing employers to force workers to sign arbitration agreements giving up their right to participate in class action lawsuits, to striking down laws that allow union organizers to meet with workers, the anti-worker majority on the Court has relentlessly pursued its ideologically driven agenda at the expense of working people.

Today's radical decision overturning the long-established constitutional right to safe, legal abortion is a continuation of those efforts. Without the ability to make their own choices about reproductive healthcare, and in a country where pregnancy can have devastating economic effects due to pervasive discrimination and the lack of affordable healthcare or paid parental leave, working class women are the ones who will suffer the most.


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