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CWA Supports the Re-Election of President Biden and Vice President Harris

With four months remaining before election day, the Communications Workers of America continue to wholeheartedly support the re-election of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

We have worked side by side with President Biden, Vice President Harris, and members of their administration as they have invested in our country and implemented policies that are rebuilding America’s middle class by making it easier for working people to join unions and bargain strong contracts. They have invited CWA members into the White House to share our experiences and expertise and assistance in developing policies. As a result, the Biden-Harris Administration has taken unprecedented, effective action to address our concerns about jobs, prescription drug costs, and retirement security. President Biden and Vice President Harris have kept their promises, and our country is headed in the right direction thanks to their unwavering leadership.

The only people who benefit from division are Donald Trump, his loyalists, and the billionaire CEOs and investors who have the most to gain from his reelection and the money to insulate themselves from the harm he plans to do through Project 2025. Our unity is our strength, and we remain focused and determined to help President Biden and Vice President Harris win this election.

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