CWA President Chris Shelton Statement on Federal Government Shutdown

Friday, January 25, 2019

The partial shutdown of the federal government is causing significant harm not only to the workers who are not being paid and their families, but to every community across the United States. The shutdown is leaving people hungry and at risk of foreclosure and eviction, and it is threatening the safety of our food and our transportation systems.

President Trump and the Senate Republican leadership do not seem to be getting the message--they need to end this shutdown now. It's time for working people to make their voices heard. CWA is ready to pursue every option available to amplify those voices, up to and including participating in general strikes involving all working people if necessary: union members and non-union workers exercising their power to help end this damaging and dangerous shutdown.

I encourage CWA members and retirees to join their local efforts to support those affected by the shutdown and to speak out against it.