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CWA President Chris Shelton Statement in Response to the Senate Republican Stimulus Bill

“This bill as introduced is a monumental failure by a shameless group of privileged politicians who have no idea what working people are going through. In this moment of national, international, and human crisis, Senators remain sheathed in an old and damaging kind of politics. Let’s be clear how that old politics works: An investment of public dollars is too expensive only when it might benefit working people. But when it comes to the rich, these Senators didn’t care at all about the deficit when they passed Trump's trillion dollar tax cut for corporations and the one-percent. But now — NOW — only NOW — in a moment of dire emergency for working people, they are suddenly fiscally responsible.”

“This bill must have grants — yes, GRANTS — not just loans — directed to payroll to keep workers employed -- and protections for workers and their collective bargaining agreement during any bankruptcy after a bailout. Voting on this package without ensuring workers come first would make this a historically embarrassing day for the United States Senate.”

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