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CWA Members Will Continue to Fight to Reform Our Democracy

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Today, Senate Republicans refused to even begin debate and negotiation on the For the People Act. Every single Republican Senator chose to hide behind a filibuster vote instead of explaining on the record to the American people why they oppose this important legislation.

In the face of a massive attack on the ability of Americans to freely cast their ballots, they have chosen to align themselves with those who would make it a crime to give food or water to voters waiting in long lines and make it harder for Black churchgoers to vote on Sunday. They have placed themselves in history alongside the segregationists, the opponents of women’s suffrage and those who sought to disenfranchise Native American, Asian American and Latino voters.

Today’s vote is not the end of the fight. It reminds us that the modern filibuster was created for this very purpose - to prevent legislation that would enable all Americans to have equal protection under our laws. We deserve to hear debate on the issues and to know where our Senators stand. The filibuster in its current form is the coward's way out.

CWA members recognize that the rules that govern our democracy have been manipulated to favor the wealthy and already powerful. We remain committed to doing whatever it takes to reform our system so that working people can make their voices heard.


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