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CWA Members’ Grassroots Efforts Help Working People Defy Odds, Elect Pro-Worker Candidates

Across the country in advance of election day, CWA members engaged in an intensive, grassroots effort, talking to working families about issues that matter most to them and the importance of turning out to vote for candidates who put working people first.

Candidates with strong, clearly articulated plans to address the economic issues facing middle class voters won at the local, state, and federal level, but the overall outcome is still unclear as votes continue to be counted in key races in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada. This is to be expected – because we value our democracy, we take care to make sure that every vote is counted.

Yesterday's results show the effectiveness of those conversations, defying the odds and historical trends. In Pennsylvania, pro-worker Democrats won key Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races, and in Michigan and Minnesota, incumbent Democratic governors kept their seats and Democrats gained control of state legislatures. Voters also stood up for our democratic values, preventing election deniers from winning key Secretary of State and Attorney General positions in several states.

Our work doesn’t stop on Election Day. The conversations we have at work, at our places of worship, at our kids' activities, and in our homes are at the heart of our fight to keep good, union jobs in our communities, raise wages, bring down the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and increase access to quality, affordable childcare.

The movement of working people who are joining together in ever-increasing numbers to improve their lives and the lives of their co-workers by organizing unions is transforming our country. We won’t let greedy CEOs and corporate-backed politicians slow our momentum. The middle class is the heart of our democracy, and we will fight every day to strengthen the middle class and win a voice at work and the respect we deserve.


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