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CWA: Hillary Clinton is the Best and Only Choice for President of the United States

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Washington, D.C. -- Following is a statement by Chris Shelton, President of the Communications Workers of America, on the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

If anyone needed more evidence that Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States, the events of the past several days and last night’s debate more than supplied it. Trump’s demeaning view of women has no place in our nation, nor does his attack on Latinos, disabled persons, veterans or any of the other Americans he has insulted and treated with disrespect. 

Hillary Clinton reminded us: “China is illegally dumping steel in the United States and Donald is buying it to build his buildings. That is something I fought against as a senator and I would have a trade prosecutor to make sure we don't get taken advantage of by China, on steel or anything else.”

We’ve all heard Donald Trump say he "wants to make America great again" but we know that he buys his steel from Chinese manufacturers and hides those purchases so no one sees just how anti- American worker he really is.

Hillary Clinton reminded us: Donald Trump’s tax plan “will give the wealthy and corporations the biggest tax cuts they've ever had, more than the Bush tax cuts by at least a factor of two…The way that he talks about his tax cuts would end up raising taxes on middle-class families, millions of middle-class families.”

And she promised: “People like Donald Trump, who paid zero in taxes, zero for our vets, zero for our military, zero for health and education -- that is wrong. We’re going to make sure that nobody -- no corporation and no individual -- can get away without paying his fairshare to support our country.”

Watching the second presidential debate also made clear that Hillary Clinton listens to ordinary Americans. She hears their concerns and works in a serious way to address the issues that working families careabout. That’s what she has done throughout her years of public service, especially on behalf of children, in her tenure as a U.S. Senator and her service in the Obama administration. 

We’ve heard far too many empty words, doubletalk and insults from Donald Trump during this campaign. Working families deserve better and that’s why, with just one month to go until Election Day, members of my union are doing everything they can to elect Hillary Clinton the first female president of the United States. 

CWA has thousands of members and retirees in all the battleground states who are engaged in this election. CWA Women for Political Power, a separate program, is up and running in 20 states.

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