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CWA Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Washington, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America whole-heartedly endorses Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States.

We know that elections are about choices. The contrast between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, couldn’t be greater.

Hillary Clinton has stood with CWA members and pledges her commitment to making life better for working families. She’s walked with us on the Verizon picket line. She supports the call to get big money out of politics. She is committed to ending special treatment for Wall Street and the 1 percent. She wants to help students end the cycle of education debt. She has a solid record on the issues that are critical for working families: bargaining rights and the right to organize; family and medical leave; closing tax loopholes that benefit the 1 percent at the expense of our communities; secure health care and retirement benefits, and equal pay legislation. She has reaffirmed her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, now and in a possible lame-duck session of Congress.

Donald Trump also has been telling us exactly what he would do. He supports “right to work” laws that weaken workers’ bargaining rights. He thinks the minimum wage is too high and that workers who want good jobs should accept lower wages. He dismisses the need for equal pay for women. He talks a good game about bad trade deals but manufactures his fancy ties offshore.

Hillary Clinton is thoughtful and experienced. Donald Trump is reckless, unthinking and much more likely to cut a deal with his billionaire colleagues than look out for working families.

In a Donald Trump administration, we’d be watching our backs for four years. We’d have no opportunity to move forward on real gains for working families, instead, we’d be forced on defense, just to defend the jobs and gains we’ve made over the years. With Hillary Clinton as president, we will have the ability and opportunity to push forward on our agenda to build a just, democratic society for working families.

The choice is clear. CWA will do everything we can to mobilize our members and activists to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States.

The largest number of CWA members and retirees are in California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Ohio. Activists will be engaged in worksite actions, staffing phone banks, neighborhood walks, and other support.

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