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CWA Applauds NLRB Budget Increase, Continues to Demand Full Funding

The newly released government funding bill includes a long overdue funding increase for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) of $25 million, which will have a direct and immediate impact on the Board’s ability to execute its mission of protecting workers’ rights and ensuring workers are able to join together to improve their working conditions by forming unions. For nearly a decade, anti-worker Republicans, backed by corporate donors, have blocked any attempt to fund the NLRB adequately and have actively worked to limit the Board’s capacity to enforce our country’s labor laws. For the past few months, thousands of CWA activists, other union members, and pro-worker advocates have been mobilizing to demand Congress take action to fully fund the NLRB. This incredible mobilization effort, coupled with the support of President Biden and Congressional leaders for increased NLRB funding, made it possible to break the logjam and win a funding boost for the NLRB in the end-of-year omnibus package.

Although this bump in funding will allow the NLRB to continue its critical operations, the NLRB still needs full funding to fulfill its duties and to meet the demands of this moment. Right now, support for unions is at an all-time high and workers are organizing to join unions and win strong contracts at a record pace while billionaire CEOs are using their record profits to crush these efforts. The NLRB plays a key role, leveling the playing field and giving workers a fair chance to stand up to their corporate bosses. CWA members will continue to mobilize with the rest of the labor movement, the progressive community, and workers everywhere to advocate for the full funding of the NLRB and the passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to tear down the barriers that make it harder for workers to have a union and a voice on the job.


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