Puerto Rico 9-1-1 Bill Protects Funds for Emergency Calls and Restores Collective Bargaining Rights

After two years of intensive lobbying and solidarity from CWA Local 3010 members, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vazquez, signed a bipartisan bill last week that will protect public 9-1-1 funds and restore CWA members' collective bargaining that has been suspended since 2017.

"CWA is proud of this achievement. Since 2017, our 9-1-1 employees have been victims of bad legislation approved by the current administration which allowed cuts to all benefits of our collective bargaining agreement and allows the government to use 9-1-1 funds in matters not related to emergency calls. This law will restore collective bargaining rights and wages, while making sure that 9-1-1 funds will be used exclusively to handle emergency calls, in accordance with federal law and regulations," said Aramis Cruz-Domínguez, CWA Local 3010 President.

"Now CWA Local 3010 must ensure that the Department of Public Safety complies with this law. We will fight to make sure the government understands the importance of our 9-1-1 Bureau," said Cruz-Domínguez.

Members of CWA Local 3010 have been lobbying for two years to protect public 9-1-1 funds and restore collective bargaining.