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Protecting Ohio Call Center Jobs

August 11, 2016

Ohio lawmakers recently unveiled legislation in the State House and Senate to penalize companies that move call centers overseas.

The Consumer Protection Call Center Act of 2016 would increase transparency by creating a list of companies that relocate customer service centers overseas. It would force companies to give 120 days' notice before relocating call-center jobs abroad.

The legislation would also require these outsourcers to repay state incentives and ban them from future state loans, grants, and tax benefits for five years.

"Call center workers and consumers are rightfully concerned by the offshoring of call center jobs," said CWA District 4 Vice President Linda Hinton. "In this digital world, calls can be rerouted anywhere simply by flipping a switch. This costs American jobs and allows our most private business, health, and financial information to be shared with and possibly accessed by less than secure eyes in another country."

Ohio has lost nearly 13,900 call center jobs in the past decade. Today there are 171,700 call center workers throughout the state.