PRO Act Stories: "I was fired for trying to unionize my workplace."

In a new op-ed, Jasmine Snyder, a bank worker who was fired from her job at the Pentagon Federal Credit Union for trying to organize her workplace as part of CWA's Committee for Better Banks project, shares her story of how she was targeted after she decided to take basic action to protect herself and her coworkers during COVID-19.

"With the PRO Act, instead of losing my job and income when I was fired, I would have been able to continue to work and be paid throughout the entire [unfair labor practice] process. PenFed wouldn't have been incentivized to drag out the proceedings, which ultimately forced me to accept a financial settlement rather than getting my job back, which was my intention," Snyder wrote. "One way to ensure real progress – for workers and our customers – is by passing the PRO Act."

Read the piece here.