Political Update


On a town hall call on Tuesday evening with hundreds of CWA members, CWA Georgia announced its endorsement for Sarah Riggs Amico for U.S. Senate.

"Sarah Riggs Amico has consistently shown that she understands and believes that being a union member is the best way for workers to have a voice on the job," said Tony Tilley, Chair of the CWA Georgia Political Council. "She will be an invaluable ally for CWA members in the U.S. Senate to protect union jobs, pass the PRO ACT and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act to expand workers' rights, and stop the offshoring of call center jobs."

"Sarah Riggs Amico's record of fighting for working families speaks for itself," said CWA Local 3204 President Ed Barlow. "When AT&T Southeast workers went on strike last year, she joined CWA members on the picket lines. Sarah understands that the stakes have never been higher for working people, and CWA is proud to endorse her for the U.S. Senate."



In Illinois' 13th District, CWA-endorsed candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, won her primary on Tuesday. She will take on incumbent Rodney Davis, who has a long record of betraying workers in his district, including recently voting against the PRO Act, important legislation to expand workers' rights to organize and take collective action in the workplace.