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Organizing Update - August 19, 2021

AT&T In Home Experts

In a historic win, AT&T In Home Expert (IHX) workers in Southfield, Mich., overwhelmingly chose to join CWA with 84 percent of the vote. IHX workers nationwide want to join CWA, but have met strong resistance from AT&T at every step.

After AT&T refused to voluntarily recognize the union, workers filed an election petition with National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 7. AT&T used a series of tactics to delay the election, including an appeal to the full NLRB that resulted in the ballots being impounded.

The workers fought tirelessly against AT&T's anti-union misinformation campaign and won the appeal. The decision in favor of the union had a positive impact on NLRB case law, narrowing the scope of a previous anti-union decision.

The IHX workers are ready to bargain for a strong contract that gives them a voice on the job.

If you know an IHX worker who is interested in doing something about issues at work, they can get more information at