Organizing Update


Staffers at WIRED, a tech magazine and website, announced Wednesday they are forming a union. More than 85 percent of eligible WIRED staff signed union cards and have requested voluntary recognition. The bargaining unit will consist of approximately 80 people, including writers, researchers, and video producers.

Senior Writer Andy Greenberg said, "We seek to unionize so that our entire staff has a seat at the table as Condé Nast decides how to adapt to the media industry's dramatic transformations. The current economic crisis has only made that need more urgent. If we can collectively protect any member of our staff from the effects of budget cuts, we have a responsibility to demand a say in how those cuts are decided."

Workers at Condé Nast's other union publications issued a statement of support: "We stand with our courageous colleagues who have united to take charge of their own future by forming a union, and we call on Condé Nast to immediately recognize the WIRED Union and begin the process of developing their first collective bargaining agreement," they wrote.


Vermillion County Emergency Communications Center

To help keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, 11 Public Service Telecommunicators in the Vermillion County Emergency Communications Center in Danville, Ill., have won recognition for their union and have been officially certified by the Illinois Labor Relations Board.

The workers' efforts to form a union received initial pushback from the employer, but after the workers showed 100% support, the employer agreed to voluntarily recognize the union!