Organizing Update

Verizon Wireless

Last week, workers at the Verizon Wireless retail store in Hazleton, Pa., voted to join together in a union. Seven workers at the location will be represented by CWA.
"Through a union, we'll be able to stand together for good, family supporting jobs at our store," said Thomas Leshko, a four-year employee at Verizon Wireless. "Verizon is enjoying huge profits and a big tax break. Now it's time for the company to invest in Pennsylvania workers and customers."

"These new CWA members are sending a strong message to Verizon," said CWA Local 13000 President James Gardler. "Wireless workers are a critical part of the company. They deserve respect and are ready to fight for it."

A growing network of Verizon Wireless workers are joining together to win job security and improvements at work. The group in Hazleton found support from workers in area union-represented AT&T Mobility stores, who met with them to talk about the importance of having a voice on the job.