Organizing Update


Editorial employees at the digital news site Mic are requesting voluntary recognition of their union from management. Citing Mic's core mission of  "giving voice to the unrepresented," employees are hopeful management will do the right thing and recognize their union. 

"I am so proud that the overwhelming majority of Mic reporters, editors, correspondents, social media editors, producers, and copy editors have come together as a collective voice to improve Mic's workplace," said Kelsey Sutton, Mic political reporter.

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New Mexico Assistant Attorneys

New Mexico's Third Judicial District Assistant Attorneys voted to join CWA this week. "All employees deserve a voice in their workplace, including professional employees," the attorneys said after the vote. "We are seeking a fair contract where we are respected and treated like the professionals we are."
"We organized because with fewer and fewer positions being backfilled, we needed a way to collectively address the inequitable workloads we have been assigned, and still serve the citizens of New Mexico in the best way possible with waning resources. The best way to do this is through collective bargaining."