Organizing Update

Government Contractors in VA

Electronic and Instrumentation Technicians working for government contractors in Virginia Beach voted to join IUE-CWA earlier this week. The 52 technicians, who work for JanTec, AECOM, and Bering Sea Environmental, maintain tracking devices on U.S. Aircraft and Warships.



The NewsGuild-CWA filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint earlier this week against Lanetix, a tech development company, after all the engineers in the company were fired soon after they announced plans to join the union. The company plans to offshore the work to Eastern Europe.

"My coworkers and I, fifteen in all, were fired on Friday in an illegal effort to bust the @news_guild union at @Lanetix," Bjorn Westergard tweeted. "Those of us who organized only wanted a better company for our friends and coworkers," he wrote.

The company has offices in San Francisco and Arlington, VA, with affected engineers working at both sites. "We're going to fight this as hard as we can," said Cet Parks, executive director of the Washington Baltimore NewsGuild, CWA Local 32035, which is supporting the workers.