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Organizing Update

Berea College

Student workers at Berea College, a work college in Kentucky, are organizing their union with CWA. As a work college, every student at Berea holds a campus job that supports the building and operation of the college.

“The values that led us to Berea are the same values that led us to form a union,” said Lily Barnette, a member of the organizing committee. “It’s about supporting each other and making sure we have the support we need to thrive here.”

Student workers are organizing their union to give them a voice on the job and solve ongoing concerns like improving workplace safety, ensuring every student worker has the training to be successful in their jobs, creating a formal grievance procedure, and ensuring that student workers earn fair wages. Students work as a way to defray educational costs and graduate with less debt. The workers have demanded recognition for their union and are awaiting a union election date before the end of the current semester.


End-of-the-Month Organizing Roundup

Over the last month, workers also joined CWA at:

  • Capital Public Radio/North State Public Radio (NABET-CWA Local 59051)
  • Houston Landing News (Media Guild of the West and TNG-CWA Local 39213)
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort (CWA Local 7781)
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Prospect, Conn. (CWA Local 1298)
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Wilmington-Fairfax, Va. (CWA Local 13101)
  • SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity (CWA Local 9421)
  • Chinese for Affirmative Action (CWA Local 9415)
  • CQ Roll Call (TNG-CWA Local 32035)
  • Index Media / The Stranger / Portland Mercury / Ever Out Seattle / Ever Out Portland / Bold Type Tickets (TNG-CWA Local 37082)
  • Imagine Games Network (TNG-CWA Local 39521)