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Organizing Update

Meow Wolf Worker Collective

The Meow Wolf Workers Collective (CWA Local 7055) continues to grow as a result of collaborative organizing efforts between CWA Districts 6 and 7. The new members from Production and Engineering and Security in Santa Fe, N.M., and Operations and Security in Dallas, Texas, join artists and production workers in Santa Fe.; Denver, Colo.; and Las Vegas, Nev., to bring the total membership of CWA Local 7055 to nearly 700 workers

Meow Wolf is an immersive arts and entertainment company that was founded as an artist collective. The workers view their union as a collaborative force that holds the now-corporate Meow Wolf true to its progressive roots as a collective dedicated to making radical art. Together, the workers and artists of the Meow Wolf Workers Collective are working to make Meow Wolf a beacon for working creatives around the world.


More Organizing News

Over the past month, workers at Liberty City 911 Dispatch joined CWA Local 6360 and workers at BallotReady joined CWA Local 1101.