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Organizing Update

University of Utah Health System

On Tuesday, frontline healthcare workers at the University of Utah Health System announced that they had formed Utah Health Workers United-CWA (UHWU-CWA) to address growing concerns surrounding safe staffing levels, wages, and benefits.

“Current efforts by the University to address our concerns are insufficient,” the workers said in a statement announcing their union. “The topics of wages and staffing are explicitly off limits in many University listening sessions. This is why our union is necessary.”

Fania Bevill, a nurse for 23 years and a UHWU member, has seen the effects of “just in time” staffing firsthand. “So many employees go above and beyond—without breaks, staying late—to give our patients the best care,” explained Bevill. “It causes moral distress to know the high level of care we want to provide, but in order to provide that care, we have to sacrifice our physical and mental health because there aren’t enough staff. I care about my coworkers and my patients, and I want the best for them. I don’t want this generation of health workers to struggle unnecessarily when we know it’s possible to have safer staffing.”

Utah Health Workers United
Healthcare workers at the University of Utah Health System announcing that they have formed Utah Health Workers United-CWA (UHWU-CWA).