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Organizing Update

Alliance Mobile

Workers at Alliance Mobile, an AT&T authorized retail store in Selma, Ala., voted to join CWA in a National Labor Relations Board election. The workers are the first AT&T authorized retail store to form a union and join CWA. Their victory comes as AT&T has been closing union-staffed stores and outsourcing to non-union authorized retail stores in an effort to cut union jobs and increase company profits. This group of workers add to the growing movement of wireless workers who are fighting back against corporate greed in the industry.


Accenture (Google)

Last week, a supermajority of Google Help workers with Accenture, a Google contractor, filed a petition for a union election. The union is composed of writers and graphic designers who create internal and external Google content, including materials for Google Help support pages. Workers have listed both Google and Accenture as joint employers due to the direct role both companies play in shaping working conditions. Workers hope to achieve increased paid time off, competitive pay that appropriately reflects the highly skilled nature of their work, and assurance that team members will not be randomly assigned to projects outside the scope of their workflows. If victorious, workers are set to become the Alphabet Workers Union-CWA’s third bargaining unit. Read more here.



On Tuesday, Maximus workers, members of Call Center Worker United-CWA, delivered a letter, signed by thousands of community supporters, to Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, demanding he investigate Maximus' labor practices. The demands for an investigation come after the unfair layoff of hundreds of workers last month and a new report released in March by CWA, the Strategic Organizing Center, and the NAACP exposing significant racial inequities at Maximus. The workers, who traveled from Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, and Louisiana, delivered the letter directly to and spoke with Secretary Becerra after attending a hearing hosted by the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce. This is the latest action by the workers, who walked off the job for a one-day strike last week and have been constantly mobilizing and taking action to protest Maximus' anti-worker behavior.

Maximus Workers on Capitol Hill

Maximus workers organizing with CWA delivered a letter directly to and spoke with Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra after attending a hearing on Capitol Hill to demand that he investigate Maximus' labor practices now.