Organizing Update

AT&T In Home Experts

This week, a majority of AT&T In Home Expert (IHX) workers in Maryland and Nevada voted to join CWA. They are building power with hundreds of thousands of workers at AT&T and other telecom companies to bargain good jobs and strong contracts. IHX workers across the country have been organizing to have a voice on the job in Arkansas, Detroit/Southfield Michigan, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.


Google/BDS Connected Solutions

On Tuesday, a supermajority of customer service workers at BDS Connected Solutions, a contractor for Google Fiber, signed union cards to join the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU-CWA Local 1400) and filed with the National Labor Relations Board for a representation election. Most of the workers are already dues-paying members of AWU-CWA.

This milestone is the latest accomplishment for the members of the Alphabet Workers Union and CWA Local 1400. AWU celebrated its one-year anniversary this week. Alphabet is the name of Google’s parent company.

“We are glad to welcome the workers of BDS Connected Solutions as members of CWA Local 1400. AWU-CWA has been a powerhouse since its inception and we are ecstatic to help Alphabet workers grow their worker power and finally have bargaining rights, ensuring their voices are not only represented within the tech industry, but heard,” said Local 1400 President Don Trementozzi.


Canadian workers at the online petition company have officially won union recognition as part of CWA Canada. The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) certified the union as the bargaining agent and will hold a hearing next month to determine the precise makeup of the bargaining unit. The workers at the company announced a cross-border campaign to form a union with CWA last spring. CWA Canada filed for certification last June after a majority of staff in Victoria and Toronto signed union cards. The staff includes campaigners, engineers, content creators, designers, product managers, and operations professionals.