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December 16, 2021

AT&T In Home Experts

A majority of AT&T In Home Expert (IHX) workers in New York State voted to join CWA. They are building power with hundreds of thousands of workers at AT&T and other telecom companies to bargain good jobs and strong contracts. IHX workers across the country have been organizing to have a voice on the job, including in Arkansas, Detroit/Southfield Michigan, Illinois, and New Jersey.


Citizen App Central Operations

A supermajority of the analysts in the Citizen App’s Central Operations department have voted to join CWA. The workers plan to advocate for editorial standards that prioritize the safety of Citizen users and bargain a first contract that addresses the serious issues they face, including the mismanagement of Central Operations, pay discrepancies, subcontracting, and the removal of benefits.


Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center

Workers at Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center (LAIAC) in El Paso, Texas, won voluntary recognition with CWA. LAIAC is a non-profit that provides legal advocacy for detained immigrants. Workers decided to form their union to improve their organization and better advocate for the clients they serve. The unit includes lawyers, paralegals, DHS accredited representatives, and administrative support staff.



This week, workers at six Audubon units across the country–North Carolina, Mid-Atlantic, California, Nebraska, Upper Mississippi, and Great Lakes–voted to join Audubon employees in the organization’s national headquarters as members of CWA. Audubon employees in the remaining 5 regions (Washington, Alaska, New York-Connecticut, Vermont, and SouthWest) are also expected to vote on union representation this week. The workers plan to bargain as a single unit.


Vodeo Games

On Wednesday, workers at the Vodeo Games video game studio won formal recognition from management for their union. The bargaining unit includes both full-time employees and contracted workers and is the first certified video game studio union in North America. This effort is part of CODE-CWA’s successful campaign to support worker organizing and collective action within the video game and tech industry.