Organizing Update

AT&T Mobility IHX

This week, Region 7 of the NLRB issued a decision in CWA's favor, slapping down an attempt by AT&T to use a stall tactic to delay an election for a group of AT&T Mobility IHX workers at a facility in Southfield, Mich. AT&T had waged a court battle over the scope of the bargaining unit. However, according to this decision, the petitioned-for unit of AT&T Mobility IHX employees may now proceed to an election. While the employees' fight is not yet over, this decision is a major step forward for them and for CWA.


Bookshop Santa Cruz

Workers at Bookshop Santa Cruz voted in an NLRB election to join CWA Local 9423. The unit of 31 employees overcame resistance to organizing efforts from management by taking part in job actions that included rallies, social media, engaging with community allies, and talking one-on-one to coworkers. Welcome to CWA!